About The Give Back Life

My name is Roberta Escobar and I am the Founder of The Give Back Life. Giving has always come very naturally to me and I have a strong conviction against allowing money to become more important than people. See the little boy in the logo? That's my son. My heartbeat. My most prized earthly treasure and he is growing up in an era of instant fame and wealth via Youtube.

Kids his age have paychecks! Money is everywhere yet nowhere all at the same time. There are internet teens driving expensive cars and wearing top label clothing while single moms work minimum wage jobs just to keep their heat and lights on on. He is growing up in a world where money is first, possessions are second and people are last.​

People will upload anything, even at the risk of their own integrity just to make a few dollars...I simply do not want that obsession for money rooted in him. I want him to see money for truly what is: a tool for living and helping, not the end goal in life to have. That is WHY I started this company, so he will see that giving truly is more rewarding than the "gimmee gimmee gimmee" life.

81% of our profits are given away with 100% on certain projects. Yeah you read that right. I do alot of work just to help other people.....and I love it. If you think what I do is nuts for giving so much away, I get that. But my reward is the lesson I am teaching my son. Really, when its all said and done, we all pass away...and where does our money go? It goes into the hands of those left behind. You literally cannot take it with you, so why not use the little or the lot you have to make the world a better place while you are here? That is what I plan to do with this business and I hope you will join me on my journey.

Thanks for stopping by:)

Roberta Escobar

Disclaimer: In reference to book fairs hosted through this company: Usborne Publishing has no direct affiliation with this page and does not sponsor or support the content. Roberta Escobar is an Independent Consultant paid commission by Usborne for sales under her license. Her choice to donate her commission from any book drives hosted is neither mandatory nor regulated by Usborne as it is a personal financial decision on her part. Usborne does not oversee how consultants donate or choose not to donate their commission and other consultants may or may not choose to donate their commission. Please contact this page directly for questions concerning this program.

“Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human life.” — Bryant McGill


Our Mission

Provide high quality books.

Help those in need.

Its honestly that simple. :)

Our Vision

Create a piece of the online commerce world that isn't money hungry but uses its resources to do good.

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