We need 125 NEW writers in the following blog categories on our sites:

-Short Story (3,000 words or less)
-Politics and Current News (updated every two days)
- Humor (Fiction and Non Fiction allowed)
-Lifestyle and Fashion News
-Home Design
-Education News or Informative Text
-Dogs and Cat Ownership stories and tips

"But is it really free to be featured on your site? What's the catch?"

There is no catch.

We just want quality writers on our site and to fulfill our mission of giving back in every project we begin. It's that straightforward and honest. So..... will you write for us?

When you're ready, send us a sample piece you'd like featured, along with the category you believe it falls under to buildmyhomelibrary@thegivebacklife.com

Please allow up to 14 days for a response.

We read every entry for quality and fit.



Please note that we will not publish any articles containing ideas supporting racism, terrorism, non-consensual sexual activity, a sexual or provocative activity involving minors, adult themes such as pornographic romance or occultic story lines.  If these elements are present in your story or article then they must be made to be supporting events to the subject of the book and not the subject itself.

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