While The Give Back Life is awaiting its tax exempt status, we are still practicing the Fair Labor Laws for non-profits required by the DOL

Currently, all retail sale and books sale profits have tax deducted from them as required by law. We then split the remaining profits into percentages to further our causes. Below you will see how we use our funds:

As of June 2020

9% is used for employee wages. (As our company grows and we gain employees will we expand this to a maximum of 20% to ensure our workers are well paid. )

10% is used for advertising and website fees (in order to grow our exposure)

81% is put into our missions.

We currently do not accept donations due to tax status but once we are tax-exempt then 100% of the donations ( not retail sales) will go toward our missions.

We are committed to do this right by our employees, our donors, our clients and those who receive our help. Please help us grow!

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